Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[Style Spotlight] Summer Lovin'

Working in a vintage store with so many unique and different items, it only makes sense that those who shop there are also unique and quite stylish. Our customers are so cool and inventive with the outfits they come up with and occasionally, if we've got our camera on hand, we've been able to capture some of them!

Here are a couple customers from the summer (oh, how we're already missing the warmth...) that had chic and easy style! Cute floral and lace pieces mixed with solid colors is a great way to stay cool and cute in the heat of the summer!

Also, how great is their hair? Total opposites from each other but so pretty!

And check out these kicks! The open weave of the oxford is a great way to wear them during the summer and the black lace-ups are some of the coolest gladiator-inspired sandals we saw all summer.

Now all we need to do is translate this for our winter gear and we're set!

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