Thursday, December 16, 2010

Emma's Picks! Dreaming of a White Christmas

Working in a vintage store for hours upon end each week, it's inevitable that you'll start picking favorites; favorite clothes, favorite jewelry, favorite shapes of furniture, etc. With that in mind, we decided to start a new little feature of employee favorites! This week Emma has chosen a very vintage theme of "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" and hand-picked her favorite white and cream clothes to match! Below are her fantastically feminine pieces:

(a beautiful 60s brocade shift)

(a mod little 60s dress that would look great with chandelier earrings)

(a sweater from the 70s with crochet cutouts along the sleeves)

(a long knit maxiskirt that would look fantastic with an oversized sweater)

(a fabulous late 50s silver brocade jacket with rhinestone buttons)

(a darling swiss dot ruffle maxidress circa late 60s early 70s)

(and the piece de resistance: a cream brocade mini from the 50s)

(the back is to die for! we think this was originally used as a wedding dress)

And there you have it! Emma's White Christmas picks! If you're in Lexington, we've got Emma's picks on their own rack for your easy perusal! And if you're not in town, we hope we inspired you to wear some winter whites!

Hope everyone's staying safe in the ice storm!

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