Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last Minute Party Looks!

What with New Years upon us, we've been forced to take a long, hard look at our wardrobes to see what party-appropriate outfits we've got lurking in the depths. After hours - nay, days - of submersion, we've resurfaced with the sad realization that we have absolutely no clothes. At all. SO, with this in mind, we've pulled some outfits from the store that we hope will help inspire a fabulous New Years Eve party outfit for you (and us)!

This Victor Costa dress is so Bond-girl-gone-bad it's scary (and fabulous). Walk in to any New Years Eve party in this sexy little number and you're sure to have all the heads turning your way. The belt buckel waist cinches in the most flattering way, as the dress only skims the rest of your body.

This dress wil definitely make you a candidate for a New Years kiss.

Our next outfit is for the gal who has bar-hopping instead of gala-attending on the mind.

The black skinny jeans are the perfect base for the white and black sequined shirt (and for those of you who don't  do shiny, this is the perfect sequin shirt for you because the sequins are matte and add texture but not sheen). The shirt has an awesome slouch to it which also detracts from the "sparkle sparkle" of normal sequin shirts.

(the cool design on the shirt)

With this outfit, we figured one statement piece of jewelry would suffice. Whether it's this fabulous bird pendant or a huge cocktail ring; with a downtown vibe, the less fussy, the better.

To top off the outfit (and keep you somewhat warm), we've got this cool cropped jacket. It's the perfect finishing touch to an already-effortlessly chic ensemble.

Now all you need is a pair of killer platforms and you'll be partying well into 2011!

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