Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Style Spotlight: Holiday Open House!

Last Saturday we had our 3rd Annual Holiday Open House and were so lucky to have such fashionable ladies come support!

Jenna's whole ensemble looked so easy and cute! We loved her striped shirt and boots. The belt was so killer (sadly you can't really see it) and a miniskirt in winter is brash and bold - and we love it.

Caitlin is totally rocking a beautiful gold sequin shirt and matching gilded herringbone TOMS (both from Street Scene!) She looks so glam yet so comfy. Also love.

Abby is looking so hot on sucha  cold night! With that bodycon lace minidress and black heels, she looks like a nerdy bodacious babe! The over-the-top faux fur and faux Chanel chain purse adds to the gawdiness in the best way possible. She looks absolutely fantastic (and totally vintage! the dress, coat and purse are all from Street Scene!)

Sassy little tights!

Gillean is an art consignor at the store - she paints anything from portraits to pop art animals! She showed up looking a little punk and a lot cute. The gold top is vintage (and also from Street Scene!) and her silver brogues were the perfect way to anchor the whole look. She looks so relaxed and cool!

p.s. it was totally by chance that so many people wore items from us! We have to say, we have the best customers!

Happy Wednesday!

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