Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Look of the Week: A 90's Kind of Winter

If you all are at all like us, you are both extremely relieved and somewhat wistful that the holiday season is over (we'd say we split those feelings at 80%/20% haha). But even though the holiday season is over, the cold weather keeps on coming! So for this look of the week, we were inspired by our friend, Caitlin, who rocks 90's glamour grunge like nobody's business. So without further ado: a 90's kind of winter...

We could totally see Lindsey rocking this whole outfit (aside from the earmuffs) in Freaks and Geeks. The plaid coat is actually a man's coat but if you like oversized fit, it is SO warm and SO cute on.

The shoes, socks and tights are Caitlin's own, but they totally make the feeling of grunge in the outfit. We love how easy the green velvet mini is with just a touch of bling from that funky necklace.

With this outfit, you'll make the upcoming dreary months seem warmer than ever! And you'll have everyone wishing they were back in 1992...

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