Thursday, January 13, 2011

[Look of the Week]: High and Dry

This week's Look of the Week we wanted to steal away from the cold and snow covering Lexington and look to the hot, dry desert for some inspiration. If we lived in the southwest, this is exactly the look we'd love. She's got layers upon layers of clothing and jewelry and is rocking it!

We love the big side braids that have been en vogue for the past year or so (thanks to that S/S 2009 Alexander Wang and it's the perfect complement to the ease of the outfit. The Indiana Jones hat is fantastic and keeps her face and neck safe from the harsh desert sun.

The sweater was the inspiration for the entire ensemble, and is one of Maggie's favorites of the season. The vest was a necessary layer and how could you go Southwestern without a little suede? We like that the vest is a little shrunken so as not to make our lovely lady look totally shapeless.

And though the sweater was the anchor for the outfit, we had no problem covering it up with layers and layers (we would have added more but someone said enough is enough...haha) of necklaces.

Like the necklaces, we thought the more bracelets, the better!

A tad blurry (we'll get a better picture asap), the skirt has a really great print at the bottom which doesn't clash with the sweater. We love the idea of throwing on a slouchy sweater and a maxiskirt and running out the door.

We had some cowboy boots we really wanted to throw on our mannequin but alas, they did not fit her. These leather booties make a great replacement, though! The top leather part can be left extended or can be folded down and are comfortable for treading rough terrain.

The best part about this outfit is that even though it was inspired by the desert, every one of these pieces is totally wearable now! The long skirt and sweater are both extremely warm and the layers will keep you toasty, too!


  1. We've still got them in the store if you can make it in! They're about a size 7.5/8!