Saturday, February 12, 2011

[Look of the Week]: Layer Cake

Even though it seems as if the weather should be getting warmer, here in Lexington it has sadly gotten colder and colder. The sun has been shining, but the temperatures have been dropping and we've all been racking our brains as to how we can stay stylish but warm when layers are your only option. So here's our version of layer cake for the winter...

Layers upon layers! Without belting the bottom two layers, you risk looking too bulky, but throwing on the oversized green cardigan is slouchy and cool.

And of course, we love mixed prints (even easy ones like plaids and stripes)!

This belt is killer! It's got some real heft to it, and the silver work is awesome.

This cute pleated skirt is a great basic and blank canvas. It plays off the grey in the sweater really well. If you wanted to mix things up more, though, you could try a a bright magenta skirt for a pop of color or a green-heavy plaid skirt to mix with the blue-heavy plaid shirt.
Knee-high socks are a necessity! Not only do they keep your feet and legs warm in boots, but they add a nice pop of color! And winter without boots is a cold winter, indeed.

Hope this inspired you to bundle up in style! Have a great weekend!

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