Friday, March 11, 2011

[Look for Less]: D&G, Fendi and Zara

We are big fashion fans. We've got subscriptions to an inordinate amount of fashion (and home) magazines. We keep up with the latest runway looks. We read and drool over blogs that feature big name fashion. Sadly, though, we don't like the big price tags that come with designer names. Thus, we spend a good bulk of our time trying to recreate runway looks with vintage goods we get in the store. For our first "Look for Less" post, we're looking at Spring runways (and we just got all of our spring clothes out!) so we're focusing on brights, brights and more brights!

First up, Dolce and Gabbana:

We love gingham and we especially appreciate that something normally considered too childish or cutesy is getting attention from the high end designers. Above is a look from Dolce and Gabbana's Spring 2011 runway show and here is our version of it:

D&G price: Our guess is upwards of $700
 Our price: two-piece set, $25 + denim blazer, $18 = $43

Next up is Fendi:

This Fendi dress has a very 70's vibe to it (as most of the collections have the past year or so - but hey, we don't mind!). We feel like this is the kind of dress you wear on vacation after a long day of lounging on the beach, showering and getting fresh-faced and heading for Happy Hour at the nearest beach-front bar. Here's our version:

Fendi price: Our guess is upwards $600
Our price: dress, $26 + belt, $20 = $46

Finally, though Zara isn't a high-end designer, it is still somewhat unattainable as the nearest one is in Chicago:

This look is from Zara's Spring 2011 lookbook and the crisp chic and minimal quality of this outfit really appeals to us. We really appreciate that the outfit has one focal point (those fabulous magenta pants) and the rest of the outfit is so simple it lets the pants sing. Here's our version:

Zara price: Around $120
Our price: pant,s $9 + blouse, $12 = $21

Whether the looks were your style or not, we hope we helped you realize that vintage is a great outlet for those ladies on a budget who love the high end styles but not the prices. This is going to become a normal feature for us on the blog, so if you ever have looks from the runways you love and want us to recreate, send them our way! We'd love to help you stay stylish on a budget!

It's supposed to be nice this weekend so enjoy the outdoors while you can!


  1. Just ran across the blog today via your facebook page! I love it! Great makes me want to run to the store & shop for some great vintage outfits!

  2. Well thank you! It did the same to us! We're stockpiling now waiting for the chance to wear our flower capris and strappy heels!