Thursday, March 10, 2011

[Look of the Week]: Color EXPLOSION

Don't take that title lightly for this week's look is one born from the minds of people who haven't seen the sun in far too long. If you're afraid of color and prints, this look may not suit you. Our brains are on autopilot, so we're going to let the clothes do the talking (or screaming).

(on a side note, we love love love how these colors and prints compliment each other)

Yes, it's loud, but my goodness aren't you jonesing for spring! No one will miss you strutting down the sidewalk! All joking aside, we really wanted a look that was bold and took a definite confidence to wear, and we think we've found it. We're certainly going to try to find a way to include bold colors and prints in our spring wardrobe. How are you all preparing your wardrobe for spring?

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