Monday, April 18, 2011

[Employee Picks]: Emma

In the store we've started dedicating a corner of the counter to a different employee every two weeks! This week we've started off with Emma, and she's chosen a spring palette that will make your houseplants blossom. With citrus-y greens and cool blues, she's made her corner ripe for the picking!

 (the whole shebang)

 (Emma's favorite things in the store: an adorable poodle lamp from the 50's, purse and heels from the 50's, colorful bead necklace from the 60's, vibrant blue and gold ashtray circa late 60's and a romance novel) 

 (One of her favorite dresses - she actually double-belted the dress to give it the drop-waist look - so clever and cute!)

(Other articles of clothing she loves that match her color scheme)

Keep checking back because every other week we'll showcase a different employee's favorite items!

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