Friday, April 1, 2011

[Look for Less]: Topshop, Prada and more!

Hello all! Hope your week has gone on swimmingly! We really loved our first look for less, so we've been scouring the internet trying to find more outfits we could recreate!

Our first dress comes from Topshop (which we thankfully don't have one here in Lex might have to take a backseat to fashion...) and is the epitome of what our perfect spring dress would be: long, floral and with an open back.

(photo via

Adorable, no? Well, here's Emma wearing our version from the 40's:

Maxi? Check. Floral? Check. Open back? Nope, but it is off-the-shoulder which is a fabulous substitute!

Topshop price: $310
Our price: $35

Next up is a spin on all the stripes that are cropping up this spring. No one did stripes as well as Prada (oh, Miuccia, you sly powerhouse of style) and we were inspired by their entire collection to try our hand at striping. Here's Prada:

(photo via

We only wish we were talented or knowledgeable enough to do pin curls. Either way, this is a super cool look. And here's our version:

Not nearly as wild, but still colorful, fun and striped from head to toe! We love this maxi dress and the chevron hot pink stripes.

Prada price: about $1,200
Our price: top, $12 + belt, $5 + dress, $23 = $40

Our last look is inspired by an editorial from ELLE Russia's April 2011 issue featuring model Katie Fogarty rocking tube socks, sneaks and all sorts of preppy sweaters:

(photo via

We just love the sporty/girly mix of this entire editorial, but the tutu/university jacket mix really set this photo out beyond the rest. Here's our version featuring our dearest Abby:

It'd be very difficult to get us to wear this on the town, but taking we're definitely stealing the idea of adding sporty touches to otherwise girly 50's and 60's dresses!

ELLE Russia version: upwards of $3,000
Our version: track jacket, $18 + Clemson t-shirt, $12 + crinoline, $16 + killer high-tops, $18 = $64

Like we said before, let us know if you've got any looks you'd like to throw our way for us to recreate!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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