Thursday, April 7, 2011

[Look of the Week]: Come Rain or Shine

This week's Look of the Week is very nautical-inspired. We've got a wealth of cute rain jackets in the store, so we wanted to showcase a super 60s way of rocking them! Any good nautical look has red, white and blue - and this outfit has them in spades. We started with this adorable polka dot shift, which was the perfect blank canvas to add a pop of red and then supplement with subtle white accessories!

This hat is FABULOUS. It's got a fedora look to it with one side pulled down, and it is so mid-60s and fun. To go along with the nautical look, we added a red, white and blue flower pin!

No 60s outfit is complete without some polished gloves and an awesome patent belt!

If you're on for keeping no secrets - this purse is for you! To coordinate with the outfit since everything in the purse will be seen, we - of course - had to choose a red, white and blue wallet!

For replacements, these shoes and this hat (in the same style as the white one) would substitute perfectly!

All in all you've got a nautical, ready-for-spring look! No one said rainy weather meant dreary outfits!

Have a very nautical Thursday!


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