Thursday, June 2, 2011

[Employee Picks]: Cara & Kate

We realize we've been absolutely remiss in our blogging duties and we want to make it up to you with a double dose of employee picks! Cara's picks have since passed but that doesn't mean that some of the items aren't still in the store! You can still be inspired by her "Cocktail hour" theme:

This kelly green dress is absolutely to die for! The best part is that it's a larger size and would fit a modern size 8/10! Paired with a simple silver clutch and sassy leopard belt, you're ready for a night on the town!
We've got martini shakers and mixers, alike!
These will stand out at any party - super fab.
She's chosen some sassy little purses to stow away that secret flask of bourbon you don't want the bouncer to know about... ;)
And lastly, Cara's also chosen various other outfits ripe for a night on the town!
Hopefully Cara "Champagne" Larkin's Cocktail hour has gotten you in the mood for a night on the town - or at least a really cool martini set.

Kate's choices are a bit different and she's chosen a "Dusty Travels" theme with all sorts of tans, browns and pretty dusty roses - all of which are on display in the store until June 15th!
She chose a cute 50s dress with scarf for her inspirational outfit
This skirt is AWESOME. It's got crazy cool illustrations of Western towns all over the bottom of it.
A fun Mt. Rushmore decanter for all your presidential scotch needs.
A cute purse to tote around with the tumbleweeds!
Kate's chosen a rack of clothes and other fun houseware accessories to go along with her theme so come check them out in the store!
Have a great Thursday and get ready for lots more updates!

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