Thursday, June 16, 2011

[Emplyee Picks]: Maggie

This round of employee picks have been chosen for you by Miss Maggie Lanham! She kind of has a theme of striped clothing (which she loves) and then a couple cute things she really likes - let's see what they are!...
Maggie has basically dressed her mannequin up like herself - but there's nothing wrong with that! A summery striped top with a pair of high-waisted green shorts with a stripe. A touch of yellow and, of course, some glasses!
Some other striped clothing! Looks like a rainbow
Maggie loves this chair so much and the turquoise pillows give the mustard-ish seat some pizzazz!
Her most favorite snack set ever that she will never use and thus cannot buy. Each plate has a different hand-painted flower and each glass has a hand-painted stripe on the handle!

Hope you all like it all! It's available in the store now! And stay tuned for the next employee picks...the bosses are up next!
Have a great Thursday!

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