Friday, July 22, 2011

I've got bigger fish to fry.

Let's face it. Sometimes you've got something on your mind, something SO HEAVY that you get distracted from all of the fun and exciting things you should be caring about. It IS summertime, so the living should be easy, right?

Wrong. I am excited and very looking forward to our Luau, this is true. I am a girl that salivates at the thought of any sort of roasted meat. So knowing that we are serving a full roasted pig among other delicious treats does brighten my day. But there's just a lingering issue that won't leave my mind...

I'm stuck in a very heated debate with myself over a Knoll sofa. I'm sure I've just given my identity away, since I don't think any of the other girls here stay up all night worrying and sweating about a couch. Well, I do. (Pictured below is the model of our couch, save that ours is a brown/gray tweed).

A few months ago, Kat and Terri, the owners of Street Scene, purchased a decent sized lot of furniture. In that lot was an original Knoll sofa with classic mid-century lines. When I first saw it, I knew it had to be mine. In my mind I had already taken it on the first few dates, and called my mother and told her that I met the couch I was going to spend the rest of my life with. Caught up in the excitement, I didn't think to sit on the couch. Because who sits on couches anymore? Upon sitting on the couch, my dreams began to quickly fade away. The cushions, every single cushion on that couch, is rock hard. It seems that the couch hadn't been kept in the greatest of conditions, and as a result, the cushions perhaps began to rot/deteriorate.

I'm sure many of you are saying, 'Kate, replace the cushions! Then its still got the great shape, but you don't break your tailbone when you sit on it!'. And that, readers, brings me to my issue. Yes, we do reupholster at the store. We take many great items, and make them even greater with vintage fabric, or wild patterns that we love.  But these pieces weren't marked. These pieces weren't Knoll. So what do I do? This is what I've come up with so far. Option A: I sell the couch, as is, so its integrity is still intact, and the person can reupholster it if they so choose. The couch would sell for $175, which is a darn steal! Option B: I could reupholster the couch, which would lessen its integrity. This option is upsetting, but at the same time valid, because then the couch is sit-able again. Option C: invent a time machine and save the couch before it started to go on his horrible cushion decline.

What do you guys think? Does reupholstering a marked piece of furniture ruin it? Is it better to just sell it as is, and then let the gods decide? If you are particularly interested in the couch, feel free to call us at 859.260.1578. Or send us an email and I can shoot pictures your way! We will gladly talk to you about the piece!  Until those calls and emails, I will go back to troubling myself over the fate of this couch. Blast!

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