Friday, August 5, 2011

[Employee Picks]: Emma

        Presenting... Viva Las Vegas!
Emma has put together everything you need for a night out at the casino, or for your very own vegas-themed game night!

vintage playing cards with case: $10           sparkly ice bucket: $24
assorted vintage dice: $0.25 each
pair of Frontier casino glasses: $8
Las Vegas Tray: $6
Las Vegas Coasters: $5

This black textured cocktail dress is perfect for any night on the town. It is accessorized with a metallic gold and black tiger print belt, simple black gloves, gold clutch, and some rhinestone jewels.

dress: $60
gloves: $6
purse: $15
belt: $10
necklaces: $40, $55


We also have a full rack of slinky, sequined, and metallic dresses and jumpsuits for your next trip to the casino!

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