Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I feel pretty...

I'm going to be honest with you, I don't really wear jewelry. Maybe its because I'm a bit of a tomboy. Or maybe its because I think jewelry looks weird against my tattoos(too many accessories). This isn't to say I don't love it, its just not for me. I have always had the tendency to look like I was playing dress up, rather than dolled up when I have any sort of jewelry on. To most people, knowing that they don't look good in something means that they DON'T buy it. You know this rule doesn't hold true for me. So, without any further stalling, I'll admit it: I have one heck of a jewelry obsession.

Costume jewelry is the best thing in the world. If you are a collector or are looking to start, its one of the easiest collections to get into! I'm going to post a few of my favorite pieces currently in the store, and talk about not only how to find if a piece is 'marked', but also things to check for when buying costume jewelry.

Now, how do you tell if a piece is marked? What I always check first, is the clasp or hook. This piece has a small heart that has the name of the brand stamped on it. If you can't find any sort of marking there, look at the back of the piece. Often times, the piece will have a flattened spot with the brand stamped on it. This particular piece, which is by Mosell, is marked in both places. This may sound silly, but another important thing to look for is that every stone is intact. With pieces like this, it is easy to get a 'full view' of the piece, rather than to see each little stone. Always check! This piece is priced at $50.

This beauty is a real stunner. It is marked on the back of the overlay of rhinestones. This particular piece is a Weiss. Weiss is known for large and clear rhinestones. In this case, clear means the appearance of the stone. What is important to look at on pieces that are primarily rhinestone, is the clarity of each stone. Over time, they can achieve a sort of cloudy appearance. One or two of these types of rhinestones can ruin the brilliance and value of a piece.This necklace is marked at $75.

On to the last item. These earrings came with a matching necklace, which has already sold. What was interesting, was that though the earrings were marked, the necklace was not. This is another issue to think about. Just because the piece isn't marked, doesn't mean its worthless. A great piece is a great piece, even if it isn't marked. Back to the earrings. With earrings, you will often find the marking behind the clip. These particular earrings are marked Schreiner on the backside of the clip. An important thing to look for when you are thinking about buying earrings is that the clips are both still tight. Over time, some clips can get 'sprung', and therefore can no longer hold tightly against your ear. This pair is priced at $30.

I hope that this brief lesson in costume jewelry helped  you know what to look for when you are on the hunt! As always, if you are interested in anything on here, give us a shout on Facebook, or call us at 859.260.1578. See you all next week!

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