Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Looking for patterns...

As an experienced shopper, ( I don't know whether to be proud or ashamed of this statement ), I know that one thing is always going to be for certain: patterns. I'm convinced that something happens when you are out shopping, something that makes your brain get an idea, and then makes it promise not to leave. For example, when Terri and Kat were shopping the 127 Yard Sale, Terri got stuck on buttons. As a result of her shopping pattern, we now have A TON of buttons for sale in the store. To answer your questions, yes they are awesome, and yes, you can thank us later. But for now, I'd like to talk a little bit of a certain shopping pattern of mine that will always be with me. My shopping pattern is actually a pattern! Let me introduce you to the 'hatch' pattern as seen on a certain table in the store.

We all have certain things we are attracted to. What I've noticed in myself, is that I am completely in love with certain prints/ patterns. Which brings us to the fabulous dinette set we have in the store currently. I will always take a second look at anything with a 'hatch' pattern on it. Literally, anything. Something about a good hatch pattern creates a perfect balance between femininity and masculinity that the 50's and early 60's just nailed.

 The table has a beautiful blue hatch pattern on the top, and can easily go from white/black/gray dishware with chrome napkin holders to a pretty setting of pinks and turquoises for a Sunday brunch. As I said earlier, the table has a perfect balance that allows for almost any style of decorating!

The table top is pictured above, and has no visible staining or disruption of the pattern. The picture below is a detail of one of the chairs, which has a bit of a heavier hatch pattern which plays well with the lighter hatch of the table. 


All in all, this dinette set is amazing. The chairs are a simple shape with chrome legs which match that of the table. The table is currently listed at a marked down price of $199! This table is a perfect example of one of my shopping patterns. Perhaps one of you tends to be attracted to the 'hatch' style, too! What sort of patterns do you all notice in your shopping? Are there certain prints you just can't get away from? I'd love to hear from you all! Well, you all know the drill by now, if you NEED this item, don't hesitate to shout to us on facebook, or give us a call at 260.1578! Thanks guys, and see you all next week!

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