Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ch ch ch ch changes....

I pride myself on the fact that my apartment is gender neutral. No one would know if a guy or a girl lived there...until they got to the kitchen. I can't help it. I don't own any pink clothing or accessories, and for the most part, I'd rather die then wear any sort of pastel. But when it comes to the kitchen, I lay it on thick. It looks like a cotton candy explosion of trinkets and paintings, mixing bowls and glasses. I'd like to talk a little bit about my personal kitchen decorating style, and about some items in the store that are just to die for!

There is something about a kitchen that makes me want to take out all of my aprons and bake and whistle and sing all day. I completely despise cooking, so whistling and singing it is! There are two main color schemes that I'm attracted to for a kitchen. The first is the classic 1940's red/yellow scheme which often times incorporates cherries and daisies. There is such a classic femininity that goes along with this. PLUS you get to use a lot of gingham if you so choose. I'm pretty sure Emma is in agreement with me when I say that you can NEVER use too much gingham. I was on the verge of taking this route a few weeks ago, but I've been steadily collecting kitchen items of a more pastel nature for the past few years. Which brings me to the second scheme I'm attracted to for kitchens, and that is the 1950's pastel look. Its a bit kitschy, yes, but it makes for such a pretty set up! Honestly, who can deny the classic turquoise/pink/yellow scheme that was once so popular?

Look how wonderful this pitcher is! It has really great lines, and makes drinking your morning juice that much more exciting. This pitcher is made of a really durable plastic, and would look great as even just a display piece on a shelf. Another use for this pitcher would be as a vase! How pretty would pink and yellow flowers look in this?

These 'wrought iron' mugs make the perfect glasses for hot cocoa in the winter! Again, these wonderful mugs would make great display pieces for your shelves. So often now, kitchens are all about being sleek and modern, and of course that means nothing on the counter. What I love about the kitchens of yesteryear was that the idea of display was so integral to the decorating process!

I say this with the utmost conviction: these two items are a MUST in every kitchen. Having a sweet little recipe box will make you happy. I promise you. I know that most people just pull up recipes online now, but flipping through each little index card will make you smile! Next is a refrigerator dish. There's just something so much better about putting leftovers in a cute little dish as opposed to an old plastic container with saran wrap. This great pyrex refrigerator dish is particularly small, and would also make a great butter dish!

I really hope you all enjoyed looking at these pieces as much as I did! Maybe I even helped you out with some new ideas for your own kitchen! How do you decorate your kitchen? Do you have a color scheme? Do you prefer to display your items or keep everything tucked away? Until next time!

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