Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do you even remember me?

I'm back. I'm not sure where I was exactly, but it was somewhere near the intersection of busy and lazy. I apologize. Once you all stop clapping for my grand return, I can begin, again, to make sure you all know about items that I love.

I spent a few minutes walking around the store to hopefully find some sort of inspiration for what to write about today. I feel a bit rusty on my blogging ability, and lately my creativity level has been at an all time low. Instead of getting all sorts of ideas about what to write about like I thought I would, I spent most of my time saying 'I really should buy that,' or 'Man, that would look great on my mantle.' And then it hit me: I was being drawn to the same genre of objects. These particular objects are a complete obsession of mine, and I was SHOCKED that I had never even made a peep about them on here before. So, since you all have been waiting patiently, let us move on the the next and best subject of all time: planters.

I'm not quite sure what it is about planters that make me so happy. I understand that ultimately, their job is to hold a plant. I get it. Simple enough. But somewhere out there, someone thought, 'Hey, lets skip this terra cotta pot. I really want to see a half lop-eared rabbit with a basket holding my ivy. Oh, and lets make him blue because I said so.' My hat goes off to you, sir or madame, you have officially made me very happy. This particular planter is awesome because its so different. I mean honestly, how cute would a little jade plant look in this thing? Super cute was the correct answer.

Though I do buy items such as this rabbit, (or that one giant bright yellow cat with a giraffe neck wearing eye shadow. I promise you I needed that. ), I tend to lean more toward the classic mid century design. These next planters I'll show you have a more classic design that is easy to add into any room.  

 Now, this piece is amazing. I can't even begin to describe how lovely ivy would look in this particular planter. Can you imagine this guy sitting on your mantle right below a classic George Nelson clock? I actually just clapped my hands because I got so excited. The great thing about planters is that they are essentially 'holders'. I have used my planters at home as a way to store my art markers, rubber bands, coins, you name it! Right now, I am keeping a really amazing set of mid-century cutlery in this particular planter. I could literally write an entire post on that set of silverware, so I'll stop there.

 Pick your jaw up off the floor. This really exists, and its still here. I somehow haven't purchased this. I picture this planter sitting on a beautiful low teak coffee table. Then I picture both of those items in my living room. This planter has an incredible shape to it, and has a beautiful stand which really adds a lot to the piece. I'm really an advocate for form over function, but with vintage planters, you get both married together beautifully. Next time you are looking for a pot for your indoor plants, skip Lowes, and take a look in a thrift store (STREET SCENE), for a planter. There are so many different designs and styles that you are sure to find one that suits your fancy. I hope you all enjoyed getting to see a few of my favorite items in the store currently. Remember, give us a call if you just have to have one of these bad boys. Until next time!

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