Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{Ready to Go Costumes: Flapper 1920s}

With one of our favorite holidays quickly approaching, we are always on the lookout for the perfect Halloween costume amongst our vast array of vintage clothing and accessories.  One costume request we get quite often is a 1920s look.  Sometimes this is difficult for us to help people find, especially since most of our clothing is from the 50s-70s, but recently we have gotten some amazing dresses that perfectly encompass the 1920s look.  If you are looking for a 1920s costume, we have 3 perfect costumes for you ready to go!

The first look is all about this beautiful lace and rhinestone tiered dress.  The flapper look is all about a drop-waist or shift silhouette in a dress, and the tiered elements of this dress are similar to the fringe seen on many flapper dresses. The dress has sheer sleeves and breath-taking details throughout.  To top off this glamorous flapper look we added a rhinestone headband, fur wrap, and beaded purse.
Purse (as-is)- $5
Fur wrap- $45
Headband- $12.50

This next look is an ideal, everyday 1920s look.  This dress has a touch of menswear inspiration and the perfect 1920s silhouette.  The dress is a satin material and very old (possibly authentic 1920s, but hard to tell without any markings or tags).  The dress does have a bit of damage but most of it could be easily fixed with a little sewing repair.  We added a black felted hat with a feather (this rounded cloche style hat was very popular in the 20s), and a bright gold beaded purse.

Dress (as-is): $15
Purse -$15

Our final look is an ultra-glamorous 1920s outfit, fit for any silver screen star of the decade.  This satin dress has beautiful gathering and sequin details, and the drop waist makes it a perfect 20s costume.  The hat is also a statement piece, completely sequined with tons of unique details.

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