Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blog overload!

I'm pretty sure that you will be hearing from both Emma and me today, so my post is going to be short and sweet! In lieu of Thanksgiving, I just wanted to show you all a few items that I am thankful that we have in the store. Its funny how when you are constantly surrounded by vintage items, you begin to see the same things! There are certain sets of glasses and fabrics that I seem to run into a lot. Now, this doesn't lessen the excitement and happiness I feel when I see them, not one bit. But understanding that not all vintage is 'one of a kind' makes it incredibly exciting when you do find an item that you haven't seen before. That brings me to my first item. Readers, I present to you, the wicker horse purse.

Yes. I would be passing out high fives and whistling the happiest tunes if we were all together right now. What makes this purse so special to me is that I've never seen one of these in person...and I've been actively searching. I follow a blog called FashionForestry, and the writer has a collection of absolutely amazing purses. One day she featured a wicker horse purse, and right then and there I knew I was in love. Fast forward through two years of me searching for a wicker horse head purse. Then, this past Monday, this purse comes walking in the door. After peeing my pants and blacking out for five minutes, I recovered and rejoiced that I finally got to see the purse of my dreams. I've gotten to the point where I don't need to own an item to feel happy. Just seeing this piece in person has completely made my entire month. I'm wholly thankful that after years of trying to find this piece, it basically fell into my lap.

I am thankful for 1930's-1950's trash novels. I am constantly reading. Since my favorite types of books are either classics or history text books (I'm a very exciting person), every once in a while I want a book that requires no thought. I started collecting these bad boys because their cover art was to die for. But reading through them has been especially fun. I was surprised at how deeply these books suck you in! The crime, passion and often unintended hilariousness of these novels are well worth your time.

This is a beautiful art deco chalk-ware mirror. I've recently been going through a huge art deco phase, and a lot of my latest purchases have reflected that. What a beautiful mirror for your vanity or bathroom. What makes me so thankful for this mirror and the stylings of the art deco era in general, is the way it makes me feel. Art deco has a grace and beauty that to me, is unparalleled. This piece makes me very happy, and just like the horse purse i mentioned earlier, I haven't seen another one like it.

I took a few more pictures of items that I'm thankful for. I'll just mention in passing that we have a lamb planter with x's for eyes. That's right, we have a sweet little dead lamb planter for anyone who is looking for that sort of thing. Moving on, I'd like to say that I love talking about what I love about the store, but I'd love more to hear what you all love! Let me know! What are some vintage items that you are thankful for? Can't wait to hear it! Talk to you guys soon!!!!!!

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