Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'll be home with bells on...

I'll admit it: As much as I love Christmas, I'm completely and utterly overwhelmed. I just recently moved into what I call a 'Christmas House'. To me, the only way a house can acquire this status is if I can picture 'Home Alone' taking place in it. Feel free to use this when determining whether or not you want to buy a house. Foundation falling apart? Doesn't matter, it's a Christmas house! Anyway, you can imagine my joy when I pictured how I would decorate each mantle, and how each room would have a different Christmas theme. Well, so far, nothing has happened. Part of me wants to blame it on my friends. I am friends with the most talented and creative people of all time, and as a result, hate myself for not being them. The way they decorate for Christmas is worthy of a full spread in any magazine. Where do they find all of these perfect decorations, and most importantly where do they find the time? I quickly realized that my dreams of having floor to ceiling decorations wasn't really a reality for me anymore. But I did come up with a solution that works for me. Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce to you the SPTM, or as I call it, the Strategically Placed Trinket Method.

For some people, Christmas is about completely immersing yourself in tinsel and garland and every other treasure so that your house becomes a winter wonderland. For me, Christmas is about placing small holiday trinkets in unexpected places. This method really saves a lot of time, space and energy, and is sure to put you in the holiday spirit! For example, on a little shelf by my vanity, I placed a red felt dachshund(who is wearing a beret, mind you) next to all of my other figurines and collections. He's sort of giving a wink, and in green script down his side it says, 'Merry Christmas'. Every time I see this guy, I smile and feel like I need to rush over to my computer and put on Dolly Parton's Christmas album. Don't have a Dolly Parton Christmas album? Get one. Don't have a Christmas dachshund? What about these guys?

Why not place one of these on your desk, or hang them by where you hang your keys? Putting these little guys around the house is a great way to get into the holiday spirit without breaking your budget!

Another thing I like to do is to just put ornaments and sprigs of glittery things into a planter or a bowl. This adds really great pops of color, and looking at the designs of old fashioned ornaments is just too much fun. Here are some closeups!

Putting an ornament filled bowl works great as a centerpiece for any table! I like to buy scented pine cones from Michaels and mix ornaments in with them. It makes for a super cute and awesome smelling decorative piece!

Last but not least, the obligatory Santa. I personally prefer to have more Christmas deer/dogs around the house, but having a classic 50's Santa is a perfect decoration. How perfect would he look nestled somewhere in the kitchen? A small pose-able Santa like this one would also make for a cute display in your fireplace. At first you see what appears to be a normal fireplace, but then you see the tiny Santa looking like hes on his way back up the chimney! Little touches like that add some fun to your Christmas decorating. 

Well, I hope I gave you guys and gals some ideas for how to decorate for the season. Whats your style of decorating? Are you a Christmas explosion type, or more of a minimalist decorator? Let me know! As always, if you feel like you NEED any of these items, just leave us a message or give us a call at 260.1578. Until next time!


  1. How much are the bulbs in the photo above each? I need about 80 of them for an Eddie Ross vintage bulb wreath. I have seen great prices on ebay but prefer to shop locally.

  2. Amanda! How did I miss this comment! I'm so sorry, and I know that its probably a bit too late, but each bulb is $3. APologies for such a late response!