Friday, January 20, 2012

Have a nostalgic weekend...

Happy Friday! Why not spend this chilly January weekend by reading, reflecting on old times and writing to relatives, old friends... exes? Ok, maybe not exes. As a lover of fine paper goods and especially the intricate detailing created by a letter press, I've found the card selection at Street Scene to be jam-packed with dainty, funny, letter-pressed treasures! The card faces tend to have endearing illustrations on the front--usually of cute baby animals, children, or flowers--and beautiful cursive script on the inside with a perfectly sweet note. Although I like to read through what others have written inside the cards to someone they loved so long ago, more often than not the cards are completely blank inside.

[01. Photograph by Rebecca Miller found here, 02. Vintage cards at Street Scene, $3.50 each, 03. Pink lamp with double-tiered shade, $125.00.}

So this weekend, go ahead: have a glass of something soothing in a bubble bath; snuggle up to your favorite pet, or vintage LIFE magazine, or vintage Playboy--wait, what? That went off the rails quickly... Get nostalgic! Sit under the light of an awesomely gaudy lamp, open up a beautiful card and tell someone you love, "hey," "hi," "wazzup," "I miss you." Most of all, have a wonderful weekend.

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