Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Here comes the bride...

After reading through all the new blog posts I have to say one thing: So Awesome. Maybe thats two things, technically, but still! I hope you all are enjoying all the new voices as much as I am! Moving on...

I'm going to get a little girly on you all today. I hope you can handle it! I'm going to talk dresses! I usually get a little sweaty and sick to my stomach when I think about this subject, but I really am excited to talk about it today. So, here it goes.

Street Scene is officially going to start taking wedding dresses again! Starting March 5th (first Monday of the month), we will consign wedding dresses for 90 days. That means we will have them here until June! I hope that we can get the word out there so that we get in TONS of dresses. I'm so excited, and I hope you all are, too.

Today I just wanted to show some pictures of possible styles of dresses that we will get in. As is the usual, we  will focus mainly on the 50's -70's. That being said, if someone brings in a dress that is older (think 20's-40's) or newer (80's), and its just too perfect to pass up, we WILL consign it. Let's start with a dress from the 1920's!

Ah. This dress is gorgeous. In the 1920's, characteristics such as a drop-waist, shorter hemlines, and more loosely fitting garments made their way onto the fashion scene. I absolutely love this style for a wedding dress because it means one thing: ACCESSORIES! I just sang that aloud with jazz hands. You're welcome. Since the shape and style of the dress are fairly simple, you can let your accessories steal the spotlight. For example, a headband with feathers, or a flower tucked into the side of your messy up-do would really make the dress even more special. Since the neckline is high, and has detailing running along-side the shoulders, I would choose a bold rhinestone earring, and pass on a necklace.

Next I'll look at a dress from the 1940's. The 40's can be characterized by nipping in the waist a bit more than was seen in the 20's and 30's, shoulder pads, and a tailored look in a lot of the garments. This dress is probably an early 40's piece, and is obviously still influenced by the styles of the 30's. What I love about this dress (and the dress that I chose for the 50's style) is that it really flatters a woman's body. The exaggerated shoulders make your waist appear smaller than it really is. Does this mean you don't have to workout before your wedding? Yes, thats EXACTLY what it means. But seriously, you are already perfect, this particular style just enhances it!

Now, lets move on to the 1950's. The 1950's showed extreme attention to the waist. Having structured sleeves was a thing of the past, and sleeveless styles became prominent in formal dresses. As I mentioned earlier, this style is so flattering. This style also caters to those who are into that princess look. As is with every decade, the style seen in the 50's ranges from simple and knee length, to more extravagant and tea length! There are so many options to choose from, but heres a classic example of a 1950's dress.

Still with me? I've only got two more points left to talk about. On to the 1960's! The 60's experienced a little bit of everything! The style of the 50's carried over to the early 60's, but things also began to really change in the fashion world. The hemline shot upward, and all of a sudden the waist wasn't as nipped in as it had been in previous decades. Short mod styles were in fashion, and shift dresses took over. This particular dress that I'm about to show you is a great example of a 60's wedding gown. This dress has an empire waist and a short hemline. How cute would this dress be with super straight hair or a teased-as-all-get-out updo, and eye makeup to match the times! How perfect! 

Lastly, I'd just like to talk about wedding dresses in general. Remember, just because it wasn't made to be a wedding dress, doesn't mean it can't be your perfect dress for your day! So what if its not white! So what if its not ultra-formal! If you are unsure of what particular style you want, try thinking outside the box. Do not rule out different colors or styles just because you think a wedding dress has to look a certain way. As you can see above, wedding dresses have evolved over time! I'll leave you with this dress. How perfect would this be for a wedding in a park?! I'm picturing a picnic-y setting with lots of gingham and people sitting on blankets as you celebrate your big day. The best part about choosing a less formal dress is that you can wear it again and again. 
I hope that this helped clarify a few things for you all! I also hope that it inspired you to go out and find exactly the dress that you want! Remember, you can always chat with us on here or on Facebook about these topics! Until next time!

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