Thursday, January 26, 2012

Look Sharp Men!

      I absolutely love getting dressed. If I have the time, I enjoy every part of getting ready. I often joke that by the time I'm finished with my process I've had my fill of fun and would be happy to abandon the event I was getting ready for all together. I'm sure the people waiting on me don't appreciate this, but anything worth doing is worth doing right! 
    More people took their time dressing in decades past. There is something romantic about sitting at a vanity to put your makeup on rather than bent over a bathroom counter. This is one of the many reasons I love vintage, it's not only the look I'm after, but also the way of life. I think this idea of really "dressing" is most definitely an idea of the past in regards to men. Too many men make little to no effort in the way they dress. If only they knew the pleasure of looking sharp and the extra confidence you have when you know you are looking your best maybe they would take that extra time.

     Here are some of my favorite Men's "dressing" accessories to get you started on you journey to sharpness:

     A valet is a great tool for a man with style. The drawer under the seat can hold your shoe horn so the backs of your nice shoes aren't all smushed from trying to slip them on in a hurry and the tray at the top can be a catch-all for things like rings, watches, cufflinks, etc.

SOCK GARTERS!!! If you cross your legs and I can see your sock garters, watch out! Only a real class act would take the time to wear such a lovely accessory. They say "my socks were not bought in a bargain bag, they have enough natural fiber content that they might need some help staying up."
    Try a ring! I really like initial rings, which is funny because I don't care for initials on much else. My Dad wore one like this when I was growing up for special occasions, I remember thinking how it finished his look perfectly!

  Make it a Bling, Bling, Pinky Ring! High rollers from the past and present know that a pinky ring is a great look. You don't have to wear one all the time, but when you do you're sure to look important!

   The point is to enjoy yourself! Try something new with your look, don't be afraid to wear something that no one else is wearing. And don't worry, we have everything you need to get started here at Street Scene! Let yourself take pride in looking sharp, people will notice. Let's all raise our deluxe gold leafed rocks glass to "dressing", make a habit of it!
Love, Cara

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