Monday, January 30, 2012

{Look of the Week} : Wines, Woods and Maxi Skirts

Our look for this week features my favorite clothing piece to wear right now... one that has comfort and warmth, and a drama and glamour derived from its sheer length (which is something I can't say about any other clothing piece you can wear so casually) the maxi skirt! Street Scene has a ton of maxis right now, but for this week we're focusing on warm wine colors, paired with plaids, creams and brighter reds. The true beauty of this Look of the Week--besides looking super cute and getting compliments all day--is that it's a prime choice for gliding through a busy day with ease. Put on a maxi, belt and top with some tights on underneath and you're instantly prepared to warmly walk to class, grab your groceries, try on a ton of stuff at Goodwill or the mall (this outfit is a breeze in the dressing rooms), and go out to dinner with friends later that night. Enjoy!

{From top left to bottom right: 01. Diane Von Furstenburg plaid button down, $18.00, Velvet wine maxi, $15.00, Leather Aigner belt, $8.00. 02. Cream skirt, $16.00, Plaid skirt, $16.00, Red and blue skirt, $12.00, Velvet burgundy skirt, $15.00. 03. Leather Aigner belt, $8.00. 04. Small wood bangle, $1.00, Silver bracelet, $10.00, 05. Wood bangle, $16.00, Green, orange and wood bangle set, $8.00.}

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