Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Making your favorite vintage looks fashion forward again:

So, I have the pleasure of being the first of the new Street Scene Bloggers to create a post. Here it goes and I hope you enjoy! Not only am I new to our blog I am also relatively new to the Street Scene family. My background is in fashion design. I am the co-creator of the lingerie line Penny Royale that is sold here at Street Scene and I am the Co-Chairman of the local non-profit organization, the Lexington Fashion Collaborative. Bringing sustainability to the fashion industry is something I have always had a passion for and that is why I have always loved shopping at Street Scene. By shopping vintage you are able to bring new life and purpose to the fashions of years past. Although, in some cases, to insure that you look and feel your best in what you wear your vintage pieces may require some tweaking. 

Here we have a lovely 1980's prom look that is has a great color to it and is in remarkably great condition. BUT, all of us ladies here at Street Scene were feeling a little uncomfortable with those HUGE sleeves. We came up with a quick and easy solution to making this dress perfect for your next formal event by simply removing the sleeves. I began by taking out the seams with a seam ripping tool and then finished the edges off with an easy to do hand stitch. Check out the difference this minor alteration made!
 I believe this is all for now. Keep a look out for more posts on how to redesign your vintage wardrobe and keep your eyes peeled for our fashion transformations that will becoming available here at Street Scene. 
-Sarah Jane 

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