Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nightgowns, Robes, Slips, Oh My!

    People are always shocked to find out that many of my most favorite dresses were originally intended to be nightgowns, but I see no reason to not wear my underwear as outerwear! When you shop vintage I think it is important to leave no stone unturned. Look through all sections of the store, you might find your favorite new button-up in the Men's department, and a must have dress with the Lingerie. 
    Here are some tips to help utilize your beautiful vintage lingerie in your everyday wardrobe:

Floral Slip: $12 Jacket: $18 Belt: $12
    This incredible floral printed slip is begging to be worn in the light of day. Pairing the slip with a corduroy jacket and leather belt help to give the the thin material visual weight and make it totally appropriate for the public eye!

Leather Jacket: $28 Red Slip: $24 Belt: $15 Necklace: $18
    Adding a too cool leather jacket and belt to this paint stroke beauty makes the slip sidewalk friendly! No one will ever know your secret, they will just be jealous of your maxi!

Peach Half Slip: $12
Lacey Top Slip: $12
Leopard Half Slip: $12

      A half slip can be your best friend, I wear one almost everyday. I like to wear mine peeking out from under too short skirts and dresses, this helps add length to items I would otherwise have to exclude. They are also wonderful under anything sheer, a long sheer skirt looks great with a half slip or be bold and wear a half slip and black bra under a sheer dress! Once you become friends with your half slip you won't go without, because showing or concealed it makes whatever garment you choose glide over your bodies curves. Any slip will help fight a hated case of the "clings"! Any way you choose to wear your vintage lingerie is the right way, even if you're the only one who knows it makes you feel special all day!
-Love, Cara

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