Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vintage DIY: Bathrooms

 Looking at these glamorous vintage bathrooms would make any girl drool.  Such great color combinations, feminine details, and fun patterns.  If you are currently wishing you were lounging in a bubble bath in such a vintage dream of a bathroom, with a few simple (and inexpensive) touches you can transform your drab bathroom into a charming escape.
Step 1: Color 
A bright splash of color on the walls will make all the difference in your bathroom!  Take a cue from the fun color schemes in the above vintage bathrooms, or get inspired by a shower curtain that you love, or even a picture you want to hang in your bathroom.  Also consider any existing colors you have in your bathroom that you need to coordinate with, like tile color.  My bathroom had retro light pink and white tile when I moved in, so I chose a deep pink color that would pop against the tile, but also coordinated well with the existing colors.

Step 2: Linens

Surprisingly vintage bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths are very easy to find and usually in great condition!  They have many details and cute patterns, as opposed to modern solid colored towels.  I found my favorite set of vintage pink and yellow daisy towels at a garage sale for $1!

 If you can't find a shower curtain that matches your color scheme, you can easily just make one!  I made my shower curtain out of a vintage bed sheet found at Goodwill.  Using a sheet for fabric is both very inexpensive, and gives you plenty of fabric to work with.  Before cutting your fabric, measure the width of your bath, then add a couple of feet so your curtain will gather properly (also measure the height to make sure your fabric is long enough).  Next just simply fold over the fabric a few inches on the top and sew a straight seam across.  Add any trims across the top or the bottom that you might like, then insert your tension rod and hang it at the proper height above the bath.  If you want to have a plastic liner for inside the curtain, you will need a second tension rod to hold that separately. 

Vintage Green Fern Pattern Shower Curtain $12 at Street Scene
There are also many great ways to display your linens besides a traditional towel rack or closet.  I love my gold pedestal wash cloth holder because it keeps washcloths close by, and also makes them look so pretty!  I found mine at a goodwill, but you can also occasionally find them at antique or vintage stores.  Below are some more ideas for displaying your bathroom linens.

Hang baskets sideways to hold rolled towels (via Pinterest)
Use a wine bottle rack to hold rolled up towels (via Pinterest)

 Step 3: Decorative Touches

A few decorative touches can make all the difference in your new bathroom.  One idea is to replace a boring medicine cabinet with a beautiful mirror!  I found mine at a garage sale and spray painted it to match the tile in my bathroom.  Be sure to measure the hole left by your medicine cabinet before shopping for your mirror so it will cover it completely.  A vintage shadowbox mirror (like the one pictured below) is another fantastic idea because it also provides a little storage while looking amazing in your bathroom!
Shadowbox mirror, $60 at Street Scene
Vintage tissue box covers are so much prettier than a cardboard kleenex box! I was worried about not being able to find a kleenex box that would fit into this skinny rectangular cover, but you can easily just take folded kleenexes out of any pre-packed box and lay them inside your vintage box cover, and it will still dispense them perfectly!


Don't forget a cute trashcan for your bathroom! My obsession with poodles led me to this pink and white striped metal poodle trashcan!  We also have many great vintage trashcans at Street Scene, including this beautiful gold trashcan that would add a touch of glamour to any bathroom!

gold trashcan $14 at Street Scene

Last but not least, add some cute vintage jars and bowls to hold all your small bathroom items like soaps, cotton balls, and q-tips!  They will look so beautiful, there's no need to hide them away in a cabinet or closet!

set of glass jars with alluminum lids $16 at Street Scene
vintage soap dish and toothbrush holder $15 at Street Scene
Vintage towel set with mirror (still in box!) $15 at Street Scene

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