Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vintage DIY: Jewelry Displays

Whether your jewelry collection is small or  large, there's no reason to hide it all away in a drawer or box! I love to admire my jewels, purses, and clothes so much, that I dedicated a whole room to displaying them in my house!  While putting together my dream dressing room, I was always on the lookout for unique things I could use to display my jewelry.  All of my jewelry displays came from garage sales, thrift stores, or Goodwills; and with a little paint and creativity, they work perfectly for my earrings, necklaces, rings, and things! 

My most vast collection is probably my clip-on earrings.  Since I have never had my ears pierced, I have been collecting many of theses earrings since my dress up days as a little girl.  I needed to find something big enough to display them all together.  I found an old frame at a garage sale for $1, spray painted it to match my room, then attached black plastic chicken wire (available at Lowe's) to the back using a staple gun.  This will work perfectly for both clip-on earrings and pierced!  You can use whatever size frame you need for your collection, or even create a cluster of smaller frames for a eye-catching statement on the wall.  You can always find old picture frames at Goodwills or thrift stores, and don't turn one down if they have broken glass or an ugly picture inside, because you can just remove it.

Here is another idea found on Pinterest using a frame for an earring display.  Instead of chicken wire, they strung lace ribbon across the back and attached with a staple gun.  You could use any shape, texture, or color of ribbon you want with this method.
                                                                     via Pinterest

I always like to color-coordinate my necklaces because it helps me easily find something that matches my outfit, and also just looks great!  I found this great spinning rack at a Goodwill for $2.50, spray painted it black, and it has been perfect for my necklaces!  As long as you keep an open mind while at thrift stores you can usually find some great trinkets to hang necklaces from.  Below are some more ideas from Pinterest for necklaces:
Another vintage frame idea: Just hang on the wall and screw some hooks inside the border (You could even paint the inside for a pop of color).

Another great idea is to use unique knobs and attach them to a wall or board to hang your necklaces from.  You could pick a variety of knobs, or all the same kind!  We even have a great collection of colorful vintage-looking knobs here at Street Scene!
via Pinterest

Bracelets and rings look great in little vintage dishes, mirror trays, or even tea cups.  For some of my bracelets, I found a small little jewelry holder at Goodwill that was kind of dirty and beat up, and spray painted it red.  It has three arms, so it holds plenty of bracelets and works perfectly!
I know you are probably distracted by that adorable poodle statue, I don't blame you.
All jewelry displays just look that much prettier on a vintage mirror tray (We have several, all different sizes, in the store right now if you are looking!).  If you can't find an actual mirror tray, you can even just use regular mirrors that will lie flat on a table! I found this ornate silver and red candlestick (?!?) thing at a garage sale for $1.  I'm not sure what the item was originally supposed to be used for, but it works great for hanging bracelets from!  My rings are all piled on a black hand display.  We get all types of old vintage hands (from mini ring dishes to larger display hands) in the store quite often, so if you are looking for one be sure to tell us!

I hope you enjoyed a mini tour of my dressing room, and I will be sharing more ways to DIY with vintage next week!


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