Friday, February 3, 2012

Artistic sensibilities...

I am not a talented person. As a matter of fact, I think that admitting to my faults is my ONLY talent. This is why I am constantly amazed by people that are artistic. I don't know how you all do it, but you do and its always amazing. All of this being said, I am always on the lookout for ways to feel like I posses some sort of artistic ability. This brings me to what I'd like to talk about today: paint by numbers.

Lets start off with a brief history of paint by numbers. This magical idea was the brainchild of Max S. Klein, owner of Palmer Paint Company in Michigan. He started marketing and selling these do-it-yourself paint kits in 1950, and by 1951, he had sold about 12 million. TWELVE MILLION. As you can see, he knew that not only do people love to claim any sort of artistic ability, but they also just love painting. I fall into both of those categories, so lets talk more about that.

I found out a few years ago that you can find paint by numbers everywhere. This excited me, because I genuinely love the way they look, and I love how they are usually super cheap. I seem to really only be attracted to the ones whose color schemes are muted, or who have a pretty basic theme to it. But if you aren't boring like me, there are so many different styles and colors to choose from! Since I like to buy my paint by numbers already completed, I like to add my own touches! This is one of my favorite things in the world to do! I have a bunch of these personal creations at home. Find a paint by number thats a basic mountain and lake scene? Why not paint a president laying on a picnic blanket into it? Why not paint a sasquatch hanging out by the lake? Adding little touches like this are so much fun, especially if you don't make them super noticeable. Theres nothing more fun than to see if someone can find little surprises that you've added. Heres a few examples of how people have altered their paint by numbers:

How cool are those? I especially love the covered bridge one. I'm jealous I didn't paint that one myself. Darn! You really can make them as subtle or as out there as you want, and the best part is, if they turn out horribly, you can just say you found it at a yard sale! Embarrassment averted! 

I don't fiddle with all of my paint by numbers, in fact my favorite one that I've ever purchased hangs above my mantle in all its glory. I bought this bad boy at Street Scene, and what I love so much about it is its size! This thing is big, and its framed. Yes! I will say that the altered painting above DOES give me the itch to paint a whale or sea monster in there, but for now, it'll remain as is. As a proud mother shows off her children, so does a proud Kate show off her ship picture:  

We currently have a TON of paint by numbers at Street Scene right now. Why not try out being an artistic genius? Here are two of my favorite pieces we have in right now:

Can you even imagine how perfect it would be if a cat was sitting, fishing off of the dock in the first painting? I can. I realized just now that I'm on a bit of a seafaring theme. I promise you we have an awesome selection of horse, dog, landscape and many other paint by numbers. I hope you all enjoyed reading about something I really enjoy to do. Maybe I even inspired you to go out and try something new! Let me know if any of you try your hand at altering one of these! I would love to see it!

Until next time...


  1. Ugh, my lack of talent when it comes to art and music has always bummed me out. I dig the idea of paint by numbers though. It makes me want to go buy the Van Gogh one from the movie Mona Lisa Smile, and do it in the wrong colors like they do at the end... if that makes any sense.

  2. Hah. Makes total sense! You really should try out the paint by numbers! The first altered one I did was the WORST thing of all time, but after a while you get more comfortable, and besides, its just too much fun!

  3. Also, just completely browsed through your blog. WONDERFUL. Congrats on making me jealous of all of your clothes and the way you style them!