Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cigar, Cigarette? Cigar, Cigarette?


    In the not so distant past no one thought twice about taking a drag off a Lucky Strike. A large portion of the population indulged in smoking and because of this there were heaps of smoking accessories made popular. We at Street Scene do not intend to encourage anyone to start a smoking habit, but we would like to share with you some of those nostalgic smoking accessories we offer in the store...

Cigarette Case: $26.50 Lighter: $13.50

   - Use these reproduction cigarette cases to make that occasional smoke special or if you like the look, but not that habit, use them as a wallet! These are a good look for a guy or a gal, and when that special someone asks for a light you'll be glad you have that supreme new lighter to impress them with!

Cigarette Extender: $19.00-$25.00

   - These extenders are made for the classiest of ladies, they are the real deal! Great for completing a costume or just for a special night out.

Pocket Ashtray: $12.00

   - I can not get over how cute this take along ashtray is, perfect for the smoker on the go! If you don't like the idea of carrying around a box full of ashes in your purse, give it a thorough cleaning and use it as a pill box.

Pipe: $12.00 Pipe Rest: $6.00

   - Nothing like a man with a pipe by a fire! Even if you don't use them for smoking, they make a beautiful collection. Many pipes are truly a work of art, especially the hand carved ones.

 - Smoking Jacket: Do not pass a beautiful smoking jacket up! Even if you don't have a taste for the tobacco you will be looking super fly in this velvet daddy!
Ashtrays: $9.00- $15.00

  -We always have a beautiful assortment of ashtrays! They look lovely sitting out on a table even if they're not being used. It's a nice thing to have for a smoking guest or will work great as a change dish, they're just to darn pretty to pass up!

   All of these beautiful treasures deserve to be used and enjoyed in one way or another! Come in and check out all of our charming smoking accessories!
Love, Cara

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