Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Whenever I go on vacations, I make sure to do a few things before I leave. First and foremost I like to freak out and panic a good three or four days before I know I have to get on an airplane. This really sets the trip off on the right foot. Another thing I like to do is check Craigslist. What a lot of people don't realize is that Craigslist is awesome, and can provide you with a lot of options if you are planning on thrifting in another city. Let's talk about how to score awesome finds!

Since I knew I was going to New York, I made sure to check Craigslist a few days before I was leaving. The first section I check is the 'Free' category. I know its a shot in the dark, but every once in a while you can find something AMAZING in the free section. For example, one year ago at Christmas, I was browsing through the free section when I came across a man who was giving away 'an old record player'. I saw a horribly grainy wooden item in the picture he posted, but inquired for more details and pictures on the thing. What you always have to think about, too, is that certain items can be used for more than one thing. These credenza style record cabinets (when no longer working) could be made into the perfect stand for your television! Or for a really neat collection of terrariums! What he sent back looked exactly like this:
If you don't catch what I'm saying its this: I got this piece, for free. Had I not done my diligent checking of Craigslist free section, I would have missed this awesome find! 

Like I said though, finding amazing things in that section really is a shot in the dark, but it definitely doesn't hurt to check! I also always type in certain keywords to pick up on any items that I know I'm looking for. When you search on Craigslist for things, it often brings up thrift stores or vintage stores that have their listing on there! I can't tell you how many times I have found AWESOME vintage/thrift stores in a new city because of a listing on Craigslist. For example, one of the first times I went to Chicago for vintage shopping, I found a really cute store on Craigslist. When I went in there, I noticed most of their items catered to more of a 60's/70's lover. Since I'm an 1890's-1950's lover, I explained to one of the workers what I was looking for/interested in. She told me there was a store just a few blocks over that had just what I was looking for! Of course I still bought something from the first store because the items were awesome, even if they wren't my regular style. But had I not found the first store, I wouldn't have found the second! Yay for Craigslist!

Lenny & Me Home, Chicago, IL

Well, I hope that inspired someone out there to hunt for treasures today! I will say, and excuse me for my cautionary parent speech, that if you do go pick up something you found on Craigslist from a stranger, please take someone with you. I have never run into an issue, but having someone with you is just safer, plus if the item is heavy, you have a teammate! 

Have you ever found an awesome treasure on Craigslist? I want to hear all about it! 

Until next time...

****As a continuation of earlier, I sadly did not find any sweet Craigslist treasures while I was in New York, except for a pastrami and roast beef sandwich. I still count that as a win. 


  1. A few months ago I was in Asheville, NC and I just happened to find someone on Craigslist with a GIANT, CHEAP card catalog (my holy grail). Unfortunately it was the morning that I needed to leave for home, an hour in the wrong direction, and I was without any way to actually get it home. Sigh. Next time I'll know to look ahead of time!


  2. Laurie!
    Don't you hate missed treasures! Lesson learned, check Craigslist in advance!