Saturday, February 18, 2012

Have a golden weekend...

Happy weekend! And well, it all started with the mirrors, but this golden weekend has really turned into something kind of big... so bear with me on this one because Street Scene has a ton of really awesome things that are gold. Enjoy all of these golden treasures!

{01. Oval mirror, $40, 02. Round ornate mirror, $30, 03. Ornate mirror, $22, 04. Leaf earrings, $6, 05. Floral pin, $8, 06. Shell candle holders, $15, 07. Perfect gold mirror, $75, 08. Pearl cluster earrings, $10, 09. New sunglasses, $10, 10. Vertical ornate mirror, $34, 11. Gold cuff bracelet, $10.}

{Update: While grabbing coffee and pastries at Amelie's French Bakery in Charlotte, NC, I spotted another creative use for ornate gold frames. Thought I would share! Additionally, Emma posted several DIY/decorative uses for these types of frames here.}

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