Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Long And Winding Road


   In the 1950's there was a travel explosion! Everyone hit the airways and highways, collecting incredible souvenirs along their way. I've always loved seeing all of the special mementos that find themselves on our shelves and cannot help but day dream about the adventures that brought them to us! Growing up, my Dad would tell us to pack a bag and get in the car, only allowing us to guess at our final destination. Family road trips have, and still are very important to me, I only wish I could still buy the same awesome trinkets during my travels.
  Please enjoy our collection of State souvenirs, we encourage you to create stories for each and every item...
Nebraska S&P: $10.00
Metal State Tray: $6.00
The most amazing Las Vegas metal tray! You can only imagine the memories made while picking this bad boy up!
Vintage suitcases can be used for about a million different things! They look great as extra storage in your house and when you hear the open road calling your name they're ready to go!
Arkansas Scarf: $12.00
Holy Moly, look at that scarf! I've never wanted to visit Arkansas more, it has gold metallic ink and everything!
KY State Plate: $10.00
And for the grand finale I offer you the rare and exotic Kentucky State Plate! What a beauty! A state plate makes such a nice gift for someone that is far from home. I gave one similar to this to a friend living in Los Angeles and she loved seeing it on her kitchen wall!

   You can collect state plates, glasses, trays, scarves, etcetera from places you've already visited or places you want to visit. Having them around reminds you of adventure in one way or another, and who can't use a little more adventure in their life!
Love, Cara


  1. Wow! This makes me want to pick up some mementos RIGHT NOW!

  2. I looove those cheesy souvenirs!

  3. So cheesy, and yet so wonderful! You can never get enough cheese!