Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New York Fashion Week: Inspiration for YOUR wardrobe.Get the look at Street Scene!

You may have noticed that fashion is hot right now! We just hosted our own fashion event here at Street Scene this past Friday. But Street Scene isn't the only place to see exceptional fashion. No, it's everywhere right now. From the Grammy's to the New York Fashion Week we are finding ourselves submerged in everything that is fashionable and for this I am extremely thankful. I love following New York Fashion Week from home. Watching the collections of so many influential designers serves as a major inspiration to me.
This week, I have put together four looks inspired by the Fall 2012 collection from Derek Lam. 
First, here are Derek's Looks. 

  I picked Derek Lam as my inspiration for this post because I love his minimalist take on feminine looks that I thought the pieces were so smart and flattering. Plus you have to love a designer that is forward thinking while still giving a wink to the styles of the 60's. 

Now, here are looks that I styled from the wracks at Street Scene, all inspired from Derek Lam's collection.

Using this great geometric printed blouse as my base I looked for neutrals that complimented. We have some really great neutral pieces in the store right now so it was hard to make up my mind on what I liked best. My favorite is this black pencil skirt with a black leather waist band that was from our new arrivals wrack. Leather was a fabric choice throughout Derek Lam's collection and I wanted to show you how easy it is to work touches of leather into your own wardrobe. 

I predict that the maxi skirt is going to continue to be a must have piece for seasons to come. Derek showed a beautiful flowing chiffon maxi skirt in his collection. You will be able to capture that same grace and elegance with our rust colored suede maxi that we have here. 

We are seeing a lot of colorful and statement making pants on the runway this season. It may not be a bad idea to have a pair of pants in your wardrobe that is something other than denim or basic black. Derek Lam incorporated a teal pair or pants into his collection. In my interpretation, I included these awesome tweed pants. They are a fresh alternative to your average dress pants. 

Dressing yourself for the modern world with vintage finds can be so much fun! Stop in and play dress up with us, we love making everyone feel that they are the most fashionable guy or gal on the block. 
 I hope you enjoyed this nod to the fashion frenzy that is taking place in New York right now. I will be back to post more tips on how to wear our vintage fashions! 

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