Thursday, February 9, 2012


I'm a non-stop t-shirt wearer. Going on a date? T-shirt. Going to work? T-shirt. Meeting the President? Fancy t-shirt. I perhaps wear them too often, but the comfort level of worn cotton is more alluring to me than almost anything else in the world. I do understand that there are other options for tops, and I really do try to break away from my classic jeans and t-shirt look, but its tough. As much as I love the band t-shirts and race t-shirts that I've collected over the years, nothing comes close to my favorite kind of t-shirt of all time: 70's athletic t's.

What more could any person want than to look like they have the starring role in a 1970's summer camp movie? Thats my dream, all day, every day. I turn into a physical activity nut in the summer, so having cute t-shirts is a must. The best part about 1970's athletic gear is that it still looks fashionable, even if you are just pairing it with jeans. Here at Street Scene, we just got a HUGE lot of awesome (a lot of which are deadstock) 1970's athletic gear. From tube socks, to ringer t's, to those awesome running shorts, we've got what it takes to make you feel like you were part of the most amazing movie of all time, 'Meatballs'. If you haven't seen this movie, please go rent it tonight so we can sing 'Are you ready for the summer?' while wearing our new t-shirts.

Heres just a few of the shirts we got in. We have all colors, sizes and styles, which means we have the perfect one for you! Check out how awesome these are!

If you want to take it to the next level, we have ultra short shorts that will look awesome with those t-shirts!

To complete your transformation into 70's mode, why not add some tube socks and some vintage sneakers?

I hope that you all got as jazzed about these new(old) items as much as I did. Yes, it still may be winter outside, but that doesn't mean you can't stock up for your summer outfits! Plus, a t-shirt is always appropriate, as I proved earlier in my introduction to this blog. I hope you all come in and check them out!

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  1. This stuff rocks! I feel like I'm about 10 pounds too heavy to rock any of these things, but boy do I want to!!!