Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vintage DIY: Mirror, Mirror

Nothing can make an impact on your walls like a beautiful vintage mirror.  Some of my favorite thrifting finds are huge, ornate mirrors. You can find them in just about every room of my house, from the walls, to tables, to furniture. 

If you're tired of staring at blank, boring walls, mirrors are a great way to dress up a room and make a striking statement.  You can use one large mirror, or a whole collection, as seen in the pictures above.  To make your own wall of mirrors, first decide what kind of statement you want to make.  You could collect a mismatched collection of colors and sizes, mirrors of all the same color (you can spray paint mirrors to achieve this look), or mirrors of all the same shape.  Next start collecting mirrors from wherever you can find them: Goodwills, garage sales, thrift stores, or family members.  When hanging your mirrors, spacing is important.  Be sure they are not too close together, but still spread out properly over the open wall.  You can hang the mirrors randomly, in straight rows, or to create a specific shape.

Mirror available at Street Scene

Whether its on your vanity, bedside table, coffee table, or even dining room table, any surface looks a little prettier with a mirror tray.  You can use any mirror on a tabletop, as long as it has a flat surface along the back.  If your mirror has hooks or wire sticking out the back, these can easily be removed with a few tools.  A mirror can also serve as a flat, sturdy surface on top of tricky furniture tops, such as wicker furniture (normally bumpy and rough), or this DIY suitcase bedside table seen below.

Never limit your mirror options to wide open spaces on the wall, and don't be afraid to put items in front of, or on top of your mirrors.  If you want to add a little interest above a shelf or mantle, just add a mirror.  Don't worry about your mirror being blocked by the items on your shelf, it will still look amazing behind your items, while also reflecting light from behind them.  You can even hang a mirror behind a floor lamp, or on a bedside table behind  a table lamp.  During the holidays, you can dress up your mirrors by hanging a festive wreath on top of them!

Don't be afraid to put items in front of your mirrors!

DIY Mirrors

You can embellish drab mirrors with a little creativity using materials you can find around your house.  Attach objects with a hot glue gun all the way around the rim of a mirror to make it a perfect match for your home.  Some ideas are a seashell rimmed mirror, clothes pin mirror (see bottom right), or silverware mirror for a kitchen.  You can also use stencils, painters tape, and paint to create a simple, unique design on top of your mirror (see bottom left).

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