Thursday, March 8, 2012


   I have a deep love for BOTANICAL PRINTS! My Mother is an interior designer and growing up I was her right hand man (girl). I went with her to select furnishings and accompanied her on many appointments. We always had rotating art on our walls left over from jobs, items bought and not used for a client. I remember a pair of Botanical Prints with pickled wood frames that I loved more than anything. What I love about them is how they allow you to admire the beauty of a bloom or an insect while appreciating the science of it's existence. Don't you love that!? They appeal to both sides of my brain and I just can't get enough. I like the super feminine and the creepy verging on grotesque prints, it's all good to me!
   When Street Scene decided to devote an entire room to botanicals, I couldn't have been happier! Come in and check out our new space and fall in love with Botanical Prints just like me!!!
Design Legacy Curtains: $199.00 per
Design Legacy Console: $1600.00
   We ordered our curtain panels and console from a company called Design Legacy. Isn't that the most beautiful fabric you've ever seen!?
Botanical Print: $20.99
You can also find prints like these to print out and frame at home! I found these free images on Pinterest, the feathers are my favorite.

If you don't already have one, I hope I have inspired a new Botanical obsession!
Love, Cara


  1. Just found you lovely ladies! I was wondering if you guys sold any of your items online like on etsy or anything? Thanks!

  2. Unfortunately, we don't sell anything online. Thanks for checkin' us out!