Sunday, March 4, 2012

Have a ranunculus weekend...

 Hi all! Happy weekend, and sorry for the late post! With wedding dresses coming into the store and our very recent spring 'flip' involving the creation of an insanely beautiful botanical room, I'm thinking of beautiful floral arrangements. My very favorite flowers for floral arrangements are ranunculuses (I promise I didn't make that word up...) and cabbage roses, because of their soft, yet dense layers of petals and their large color range--they're just so luscious and full and absolutely wonderful! Now enjoy some photos of beautiful ranunculus and cabbage rose floral arrangements, as well as some lovely floral items in the store.

{01. Blue floral dress entitled, "OH YOU FANCY?!" $28, 02. Found Image card, $3.50, 03. Flower knob, $8.99, 04. Set of 7 green plates, $15, 05. Botanical print, $20.99 (there are others!), 06. Set of 5 rose glasses, $15, 07. Cute flower tray, $12.]

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