Friday, March 30, 2012

Have a spin art weekend...

Hey guys! This weekend I'm inspired by a room from one of my favorite interior decorating books, Domino (RIP Domino Magazine, you are always in my thoughts). The artwork above this handsome bar is a single color spin art painting blown up and framed. It's simple, but really pops. While I spend the weekend squirting paint onto little Crayola papers, you should enjoy all of these items I found in the store with a spin art touch. Have a great weekend, and go Cats! 

{01. Glass ice bucket, $16,  02. Sunglasses, $10,  03. Headband, $12.50,  04. Blue glass bottle stopper, $15,  05. Flower pin, $12,  06. Tribal wrap skit, $15,  07. Squiggle bowl, $21,  08. Glass swirl knobs, $7.99 each.}

1 comment:

  1. domino is coming back!! its starting up again this month!!