Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{Look of the Week}: Luck of the Irish!

       Who else is excited about St.Patrick's Day? I can't wait, especially because this year it's on a Saturday! I love a parade more than anything, and the St.Patrick's Day parade holds an extra special place in my heart because I used to Irish dance in it every year (embarrassing, yes). These days I take a more passive role in parades by sitting on the sidelines and watching with my green beer, but I do my part by making sure to have the perfect St.Patrick's day outfit!
        I have dedicated the Look of the Week to St.Patrick's Day chic. People are confused about what to wear on such holidays...You don't have to throw on jeans and a "Kiss Me I'm Irish 2012" t-shirt that you'll never wear again! This year wear an incredible print starring kelly green that you can continue to wear all spring and summer!
I was inspire by the colors of the Irish flag. None of these pieces have anything Irishy about them, but when you put them together they are perfect for the holiday! Yummy, fleshy orange, sheer, dotted swiss, crop top!!Need I say more?
wrap maxi skirt: $16.00

Dotted Swiss Crop Top: $12.00 Scarf: $6.00
Basket Purse: $28.00
The perfect basket purse to stow all your parade essentials. Bring a snack, sit in the grass.
     Can't wait to see all your Irish inspired St.Patrick's Day duds this weekend! Get creative!
Love, Cara


  1. Wow. The most fun job in the world must be putting outfits together!! Jealous!