Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Style

I felt it was time again for another report on some of the revamping I have been doing with some of the stores vintage clothing.With spring in full bloom outside, I decided to feature a spring time redesign project that I worked on this week. Emma pulled this dress aside because she could see it's potential as a mini. There are already a lot of great things going for this dress, the sleeves, the fabric, the color, the daisy print. It screams spring, but I agreed, this would be so perfect as a mini dress.


Now, After....

Major improvement! This dress went from being on the frumpy side to being the cutest little thing. Ideally this hem should come to either the knee or right above the knee. I could imagine this dress being perfect for any social event that takes place out in the sunshine.

Spring Mini Dress: $32

 My tips for styling....

You can go all out with pastels with this dress. Have fun with it. I paired this mini with strap-y yellow heels and a great floral box shaped bag with matching yellow earrings. Our new headbands make a great accessory to this spring look.

Shoes: $12
Purse: $22
Headband: $14
Earrings: $8

1 comment:

  1. Wow, you did a great job! What a lovely little dress for spring! And I am so in love with that headband! Looks like I need to come in ASAP!!!!