Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vintage DIY: Spring Entryways

Spring has definitely "sprung" earlier than usual here in the Bluegrass, and I could not be happier.  The first thing the warmer weather makes me want to do is spruce up my house for the warmer weather! The winter can take it's toll, especially on the exterior of your home, but with a few quick fixes, your home will be the talk of the neighborhood!  The overall easiest way to brighten up your home and add serious curb appeal is to give the focal point of your home a little TLC.  Your front door is the first thing a passerby will notice on your home, so why not make it look as fabulous as the inside of your home?

Step 1: Paint
Above is my front door that I freshly painted for spring.  I chose a light minty green color, and I love it!  If you are unsure about how a color will look, just buy a few sample paints and try a small bit of each side by side on your door.  You can get sample size paints at any home improvement store like Lowe's or Home Depot, they come in small jars, and are very inexpensive.  The plus side is that if you don't end up using your sample paints for you door, you still have the perfect amount of paint for a small piece of furniture or craft project!  Don't be afraid to go for a bright or unexpected color - just look how great all these bright colored doors look below!  Painting my front door only took about 30 minutes, two coats of paint, and cost under $10!  I bought a quart of the paint and still had a ton left over for other projects (so if you can get away with one coat you might be able to just use a sample size of paint). 

helpful hint: always check out the sale paint shelf in Lowe's right beside the paint mixing counter.  This is where they put returned paints, or paints that they mixed incorrectly, on super clearance!  You might just find a color that you love!

Step 2: Wreath
A perfectly springy wreath will add just the right amount of decoration to your front door!  I purchased a large grapevine wreath at Goodwill and then added flowers and garland that I purchased at Hobby Lobby and Michael's.   Keep in mind your new door color and what colors will coordinate well when choosing flowers or items for your wreath.  Below are some more ideas for spring wreaths that will pop against any bright door!
Simple and perfect- a wreath full of daisies!
A simple moss wreath will look great against any brightly colored door, and last from season to season! 

Use a vintage umbrella on your door for spring! Fill it will flowers, moss, and even easter eggs!

This tulip wreath is so beautiful, and the colors would pop on a yellow, green, or pink door!

A more traditional look including lemons, simple blooms, and a lot of greenery

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  1. I love the bright doors that really POP, they would be the perfect touch to any Victorian style home, or any for that matter :)