Thursday, March 22, 2012

Window Dressing


 Having an eye catching window display is important for any retail store, and if the display does it's job right it can bring in all kinds of new business. The idea of walker-bys pressing their nose against the glass to see what's inside a shop is nostalgic, we hope to give our customer that experience as they approach our door.  
   As you well know I love Botanical Prints, which served as my inspiration for our Spring window. My idea was to create a 3-demensional large scale version of one of my beloved prints. Hope you enjoy a little behind the scenes look at my window dressing process...

       I have had too much fun painting and listening to Joni Mitchell in the back of the store! Please stop by and press your nose against our glass to check out the completed window!
Love, Cara


  1. I do! I DO!! Always press my nose to your glass, ha, ha! I love your shop and I love all of your displays and it literally makes me want to cry if I come by too late and you have already closed for the day :(
    I am opening a new store with some friends in Winchester called g.r.i.t.s. and it's an Art Studio, Boutique and Cafe. I would be so honored if you girls would come and check it out and give me some feedback on my displays sometime ;) We open on Monday April 2nd!! I am currently just starting to work on the window displays!

  2. That's so great! Thanks so much for coming to see us, and we would love to come check out your new place! Congratulations, sounds awesome!