Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chain Gang


   I have always had a strong attraction to body chains. I understand that you may associate the body chain with tacky, tan, ladies on South Beach or belly'd be correct to do so, and I say, who doesn't like tans and moving hips!? Let's open our hearts and minds to body chains...

Body chains have been around for longer than you may realize...This stunning piece is actually Byzantine from 600AD.WOW!
When I saw Beyonce pregnant with a body chain I almost fainted...What a woman!
Our very own Maggie Lanham brought us some awesome body chains that she is hand making!
Chain Gang Body Chain: $16.00
Wear one of her awesome body chains with your favorite vintage bathing suit...look out Beyonce, here you come!
Chain Gang Body Chain: $16.00
How incredible does a body chain look with this 70's halter number!!
I wish I could get my hands on one of these beauties! I can only imagine how special I'd feel wearing one and the lovely little noise it would make as I walked (danced). Cut loose, let your inner belly dancer come out, wear a body chain!!
Love, Cara

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