Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The amount of attention that I have for any given thing varies day to day. Today, as I'm sure will be the case over the next couple days, I'm distracted. Whenever I'm a few days away from a vacation, my mind packs its bags and dives deep into fantasy land! I've been living in old beach photographs and what appear to be National Park vacation photographs. I can't stop. If I can't be on a vacation RIGHT NOW, then I am going to live vicariously through someone else's. Even if it was 70 years ago. I don't time discriminate. 

I always have these grand ideas of what I'll look like on vacation. I have a few perfect vintage floppy beach hats, great cover-ups, amazing sunglasses, you name it! In my head, this is how I picture myself on the beach: 

I picture myself a vision in a swimsuit, hair laying perfectly, nails done up, the works. In reality, my hair curls (read: frizzes) right up if I'm within 10 miles from water, and I'm usually sleepy because of all the sun. In reality, this is a more accurate depiction of me on the beach:

That may have been a bit of an exaggeration. I don't actually wear a tie to the beach. I'm no square!  But seriously, I've given up trying to be a glamourous beach goddess. Plenty of people can fill that role, and I'll just live through them!

Speaking of living through other people, what I wouldn't give to be in any single one of the pictures I'm about to post! As I said earlier, looking through all these photographs just takes me away! I particularly love the ones where they are out West. So much fun. Without any hesitation, take a look at all these great family vacation photos!

Yes. They went to the Corn Palace. And yes, that boy is wearing what appears to be the best
romper that I have ever seen. 

Mount Rushmore. What a great picture! Sadly, it looks like the little miss to the right isn't as thrilled
about America as her brothers are.

Check out these beauties! I wonder if these ladies know the arrow is pointing the wrong way. These 
gals are the real view here!

Bunch of gals on the beach. The girl on the far right takes this opportunity to turn this picture into
a full on photo shoot. Work it!

Look at these outfits! I am obsessed with the shorts/shoes combo on the far left, and the 
top in the middle. I'm not obsessed with how she is just sitting on that railing.
I am literally having a panic attack just looking at her. 

Okay. Everything about this picture. I'm dying! The glasses, the tops, the sheer yellow scarf that
matches her yellow capris. Too perfect. Also, does anyone else spy a fat Jack Nicholson in the back? 

Yes, this is the same group of people, except now they have a pilot fully prepared to fly them
away in matching pants and top. I need to be in this picture.

I hope you all enjoyed looking at these pictures! Its hard not to create a story in your head with each one! If you find yourself interested in old pictures and tales of vacations past, I suggest you take a look at some vintage postcards! I cannot tell you how many times I've been sucked in to reading the backs of postcards, and absolutely dying over the funny things I've read! Do any of you have amazing old family vacation photographs? Share with us! We'd love to see them!

Until next time...

P.S. Still distracted.

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