Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hard Copy

     Don't you just love paper? Especially aged, golden yellow paper? There is something so precious about the printed page, why is that? Maybe because it feels fragile, exposed to the elements the message can be wiped away? Or maybe it's simply because we know printed pages changed the WORLD...duh. 
      Many of you may remember that we used to cut out owl silhouettes from vintage magazines to decorate our bags. I loved this task for many reasons 1. I was the best at it, and I like being the best at things (sorry coworkers, you know it's true) 2. It felt creative and I like feeling creative 3. I got to learn from a primary resource! Flipping the pages of a magazine that was thumbed through 30-60 years ago informs you about the people of the period like nothing else will. I always hated to destroy the integrity of a perfectly preserved magazine, but I found a way to commit the crime due to my need to produce superior bags. hahahaha
     If you love old paper as much as I do, come by and check out all of our hard copy!!
If you're looking for a quick and easy car trip read, come snag one of these romance novels we have in stock!
Look how pretty the pages are! I love the dyed edges of old books so much, they should still do this.
Who doesn't want to know more about the sexy teen star of Blue Lagoon? It's not an authorized bio just to be clear.
If I were a bad employee I would be tempted to read this book when I was alone, but I am a good employee so I refuse to do such a thing. I would like to learn more about how different cultures name things...guess I'll have to buy the book!
Best card for your special someone ever! Betty must have been a good wife.
I love reading people's postcards. Sometimes I feel creepy doing it, but I can't help myself. I also really like studying the beautiful old cursive, I wish mine looked like that.
Playing cards count as paper goods right? My Grandmother loved playing cards and had an entire dresser full of them. These old sets remind me of her. I sure do wish we could play bridge together and use these lovelies.
For the gentleman with a taste for a vintage babe, we've got what you're looking for.
We always have a collection of incredible vintage magazines. These LIFE mags are wonderful to look through, I swear I've learned things that I wasn't taught by my teachers. You get to hear the opinion of the people when you get your history from one of these monthly time capsules, which is the most authentic way to learn.
I hope you find as much value in these old, usually tossed out materials as I do! We've always got plenty of them!
Love, Cara

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