Monday, April 23, 2012

{look of the Week} : Bold Lines and Bold Designs

This is one of my personal favorite looks that I have put together for this blog. I think it is because it shows you that by working with something as simple as contrasting color and heavy lines you can create a chic look that turns heads. I happened to love this color palette, I feel this sums up my own person style. But you can easily make this look your own by choosing contrasting colors that fit your personality. By working with clean lines it is easy to create a timeless feel, weather you are wear vintage or not. The accessories are what really carry this look. The circle shape of the hat and glasses break up the grid like shapes in the dress.

Dress: $22
Scarf: $8
Hat $12
Sunglasses: $10 

I could not resist pairing this white cat figurine with all my suggested accessories. It fit the look, but more than that I love cats. 

White Cat; $16
Purse: $22
Scarf: $8
Cuff: $10
White Square Braclet: $4

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